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    Shame-Free Wellness Coaching

    Do you have health goals but are fed up with diet culture and restrictive eating? Do you want to build a better relationship with your body and with food? 

    I totally get it. With shame-free wellness coaching, we will: 

    • Get to the root of why your nutrition and exercise habits are the way they are
    • Use proven systems and techniques to rewrite your narrative about your body, food, and movement
    • Challenge limiting beliefs and fear-based thoughts and replace them with empowerment 
    • Establish your body as a safe place worthy of nourishment and movement 
    • Learn how to trust yourself and intuition around food and movement 

    We won’t:

    • Fat shame or engage in fatphobia
    • Label foods or behaviors as “good” or “bad”
    • Succumb to diet culture and society’s unhealthy or unrealistic standards of beauty. 

    Please email me to inquire about coaching sessions or packages.